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Gas and Diesel Analysers

AGS-200 Exhaust gas analyser
OPA-100 Smokemeter

Boston emission equipment represents a truly remarkable leap in technology and user-friendliness. Put simply there is no equivalent. Boston's robust, attractive smokemeter and analyser are designed specifically for the busy working environment, incorporating the fastest ever MoT software procedures.

All Boston control platforms utilise Dell computer equipment, the first choice for most airports and banks. Dell's quality and reliability are beyond question, and with Boston, you also get a 19" flat panel monitor and laser printer as standard!

The smokemeter and gas analyser modules simply connect to the control platform and can be supplied separately or together. Both are available with the added benefit of wireless connectivity, employing state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology. This allows for all components to communicate without cables, providing total flexibilty when positioning equipment - a big advantage in any workshop. An optional RF keyboard is also available for remote operation from inside the vehicle.

Bostons policy of continous design and development has created the superb OPA-100 and AGS-200 aiming to achieve the fastest, simplest, most accurate and reliable emission equipment possible. The Boston design concept is modular, enabling addtional options to be simply and economically added at any time. For example, the Boston diagnostics package for over 3000 European and Asian vehicles (including motorcycles) and an oscilloscope engine analyser. Wireless braketester and beamsetter communication is also available to allow the new ATL 'One Man Test' from VOSA.