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Automotive Lifts

Garage Equipment UK Ltd supply a wide and varied range of automotive lifts to Garages, dealerships and fleet operators throughout the UK. The products listed on this page are a sample of what we can offer, for a full listing and detailed technical information download our Buyers Guide.

We also stock a wide range of refurbished equipment, renovated to the highest standard.

2 post lifts

Hydraulic - SPL35

The SPL35 is the most cost-effective entrance into the world of hydraulic lifts with two columns. Compact dimensions, multipartite supporting arms design and an ergonomic control allow for efficient operation in the car repair shop.

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Electro-hydraulic - SP0A30/40 SP0A40/54

Electro -hydraulic two-post lifts of the SPO series can be tailored perfectly to fit the application. Three different load-bearing capacities can be combined with up to four different column heights. There are one manual and two electronic controller versions to chose from.

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Hydraulic - SP0A3T

The new SPOA3T 2-Post lifts offer maximum drive through clearance with minimum external dimensions. The asymmetrical design of the posts and supporting arms also provides a spacious pick-up area - the lift can be entered from either side.

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Electro-mechanical - Trademaster T280
Lifting Height - 2000mm
Capacity - 2800kg

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4 post lifts

Electro-hydraulic - B440/B450

The Boston B440 and B450 are fine examples of leading 4 poster technology. Robust, attractive and designed to meet the demands of future MoT legislation.

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Electro-hydraulic - SM40/55 AR43/AR55

The electro-hydraulic four-post lifts of rotary lift are available in numerous versions and can be tailored perfectly to fit the application environment. all the SM models are a perfect choice for repair work. The AR43 and AR55 are available for precise axle measuring work.

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Scissor lifts

In ground - M45

In ground scissor lifts of the M-series are tailored for the receiving area and for axle measuring. Depending on the area of application, the M-series is available in four basic configurations and two different platform lengths.

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Surface - MLP30/40/50

Surface scissor lifts of the MLP series are primarily characterized by an extremely flat design. The ascending height is merely 120 mm at a capacity of 3000 kg. due to the practice-oriented equipment, MLPscissor lifts are especially suited for the receiving area. the two at versions meet the requirements for axle measuring.

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Motorcycle - XM7

The XM7 is an extremely powerful and compact scissor lift designed especially for servicing motorcycles. With a capacity of 700 kg, even large and heavy motorcycles can be lifted. the optional adaptation kit facilitates the support of quads.

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Wheelfree - GLP30

Lifting Height - 1920mm
Capacity - 3000kg

Manual hydraulic foot pump Capacity - 400kg

Electro-hydraulic pump Capacity - 400kg

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In-ground Lifts


When comparing surface to inground lifts, other key investment considerations include: cost of real-estate, construction cost, shop appearance, etc. You can actually fit nine inground lifts in the same space as eight surface lifts, allowing for one additional bay to generate revenue.

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Mobile Column Lifts
MC 25-4
Set of 4 consisting of 1 master & 3 slave columns
Capacity 4 x 2500kgs = 10000kgs

MC 72-4
Set of 4 consisting of 1 master & 3 slave columns
Capacity 4 x 7200kgs = 28000kgs

MC 72-6
Set of 6 consisting of 1 master & 5 slave columns
Capacity 6 x 7200kgs = 43200kgs

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